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Welcome to the vision about Restoration of the Body of Christ. The last chance  before the disaster fall upon earth in any way possible.

This website has been specifically designed to convey the prophetic/warning message to the whole nation about God’s imminent wrath which has been aroused by abomination that has been spread world-wide through  democracy as a platform; In this case, it is at the same time a call for the Christians nation-wide to unite and ( restore) build up the BODY of Christ  (Ephesians4:12) which is the only solution set up by God for his presence to be noticed and acknowledged on earth and therefore victory over every worry.

The elements of the crucial and agonizing end times on earth!

Why this website has been created

African National Congress Women’s League and female ministers leading by example in a  mini skirt march to promote and encouraging youth to engage themselves in nudity obviously to  ensure more increase in sexual abuse, and aids prevalence and hence child heading homes and orphans thereof

Ongqongqoshe kwi mini skirt march

ANC is in preparation for one world government where  people will be forced to worship Satan and killed if they refuse, This it does by imposing evil changes upon the people notwithstanding the concerns and complaints brought forward, this it does in order to remote control the people in every way possible.

ANC is  in preparation for one world government

Stay informed about origin of hand signs and other satanic symbols.

Alcohol is one of the things used to introduce you into Satanism that is why is not phased out .

Intimacy with devil through use of technology and social media without caution.

The African National Congress keep on introducing evil laws under the name of freedoms and rights with the aim of converting the people’s minds and lives so that  devil can easily operate on them. That is why people’s  complaints and concerns about evil laws are ignored.

Meeting with government’s department of health official

Akekho umuntu ongazi ukuthi izidakamizwa zishicilelwe kumthetho sisekelo wezwe ukuthi zisetshenziswe futhi akekho umuntu ongakaze ezwe uhulumeni ethi angeke azivale izigodlo zezidakamizwa ngoba zingenisa umnotho, ...

Isigodlo sezidakamizwa kuhulumeni we ANC!

Expel the foreigner from your country

Dangers of associating with your government

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Satanism is already operating in your country!

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